Authentic Core Workout

Improves fitness, core strength & mobility

Authentic Core Workout

Improves fitness, core strength & mobility

Why corecross

Feel & move better 

Feel your core humming for every exercise and every repetition.

An addictive circuit style class that gives a total body workout while keeping your core buzzing for a whole hour. You’ll find no “Rockstar” wannabe instructors in our classes, CoreCross® instructors connect personally with you, they genuinely care about your safety and your progress in class. Every class feels fresh and unique and will give you the opportunity to train to the intensity that you want. If you’re a dedicated athlete or an absolute beginner our highly educated and motivating instructors will help you achieve a satisfying workout.

Strength Training

Building strength is great for you muscles, bones and over all physical health but being stronger also improves your confidence and self- esteem.


Improved mobility allows you to move more freely and can reduce those everyday aches and pains. Better mobility can improve your athletic performance.


Correct core engagement makes exercise safer and more efficient, CoreCross® reinforces the reflexive core response to movement

What results will I get

Get IN Shape

Real Work. Real Results.

Regular participation in CoreCross® classes can improve core strength and develop better posture this leads to reduced pain, better movement technique and improved function of the pelvic floor. Trials have shown participants can reduce body measurements and improve overall strength and endurance and increase flexibility.

work out your way

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An addictive and satisfying workout

Become a CoreCross® instructor

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Upcoming Course Dates

Date: May 29th - 30th 2021
Time: 8.30am - 5pm
Venue: Mount Annan Leisure Centre

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Great routines… always changing so we don’t get chance to be bored…It’s good to know we can work at our own pace, no pressure to keep up with the others.
penny is always ready to help me correct my form and gives me feedback about my journey, with comments like….”that’s really good” ” your posture is getting better”….etc…You know you’ve worked hard when your legs are like jelly going down the stairs after class. 
Penny also takes great delight when we tell her we ached the following week.
Overall I highly recommend joining the classes, not only for good health reasons, but for the fun and sense of achievement

Yvonne Wearne

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