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 My Mission.

The Development of CoreCross®

Penny has been teaching fitness for 25 years and is a self-confessed group fitness nerd, believing that the energy of a group of people training together can elevate each person to achieve their greatest workout.

Starting out in the fitness industry as an aerobics instructor, Penny has trained in multiple fitness genres such as all freestyle classes, Pilates, Functional training and several pre-choreographed programs.

A constant learner, Penny also has qualifications in Teaching, Anatomy and Physiology, Natural Therapies – Emmett Technique, MFR, Reiki and a number of sports coaching qualifications including Gymnastics, Swimming, Touch and Diving.

Over time Penny has developed a special interest in movement and exercise technicality. CoreCross® was conceived from the belief that with education and training group fitness instructors could be teaching more rewarding and safer classes for members.

CoreCross® has had over four years in research and development in both small private studios and large commercial gyms. As intended – through inclusive, intelligent and compassionate coaching, CoreCross® has proven to increase and retain class numbers.

Penny is now focused fulfilling the need for CoreCross® classes nationally by providing the best quality of education for fitness instructors through the CoreCross® Foundations Course.

About CoreCross® workouts

An addictive circuit style class that gives a total body workout while keeping your core buzzing for a whole hour. You’ll find no “Rockstar” wannabe instructors in our classes, CoreCross® instructors connect personally with you, they genuinely care about your safety and your progress in class. Every class feels fresh and unique and will give you the opportunity to train to the intensity that you want. If you’re a dedicated athlete or an absolute beginner our highly educated and motivating instructors will help you achieve a satisfying workout.

CoreCross® is a cross training class that fosters authentic core activation and ideal muscular recruitment for each exercise. As well as improve fitness and strength, CoreCross® will also develop core stability, proprioception, exercise technique and reduces the risk of injury and long- term pain caused by instability and technique errors.

Additionally, CoreCross® is driven to raise the standard of education for group fitness instructors by providing high quality intelligent and relevant information to its licensed instructors.

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